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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spiritual Hyper Vigilance

From Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways by Ken Gire, page 17.

   We reach for God in many ways. Through our sculptures and our scriptures. Through our pictures and our prayers. Through our writing and our worship. And through them He reaches for us.

   His search begins with something said. Ours begins with something heard. His begins with something shown. Ours, with something seen. Our search for God and His search for us meet at windows in our everyday experience.

   These are the windows of the soul.

   In a sense, it is something like spiritual disciplines for the spiritually undisciplined. In another sense, it is the most rigorous of disciplines--the discipline of awareness. For we must always be looking and listening if we are to see the windows and hear what is being spoken to us through them.

   But we must learn to look with more than just our eyes and listen with more than just our ears, for the sounds are sometimes faint and sights sometimes far away. We must be aware, at all times and in all places, because windows are everywhere, and at any time we may find one.

   Or one may find us. Though we will hardly know it...unless we are searching for Him who for so long has been searching for us.

Jean says:

O, God. Your unequaled beauty surrounds me. Everywhere I look I can see Your signature, Your imprint, Your mark on all You have created.

In the splendor of the natural world I see Your glory and radiance reflected.

In the intricacies and diversities of human kind I see Your complexity and brilliance.

I look into the heavens knowing that my eyes can see a mere spec of all the galaxies You created and I sense Your enormity and infinity.

I look inward to that eternal part of me that will live on for eons after this body dies and decays, and I know that You are real. You are alive from eternity past into the boundless future.

Speak to me, Father. Make my soul quiet and still enough to hear the rustle of Your robes behind the curtains of my heart. Show more of Yourself to me, Lord. Pull back the veil that obscures my vision of all that You are so that I might more completely reflect Your image to those around me.

Make me hyper vigilant, Lord, so that I catch every tiny glimpse of You as I spend my days on this earth.

God says:

Quiet and still. That's so difficult for you and so many people, Little One. If you're not busy every minute you somehow don't feel fully engaged. You think you're not taking full advantage of every minute.

Quiet and still and aware. Aware that each small leaf floating to the ground bears My brushstrokes.

Quiet and still and aware that every newborn cry sings out the majesty of My creativity.

Quiet and still and aware that every tick of a clock shouts out my eternality and my infinitude.

Quiet and still and aware that I NEVER leave you. I am ALWAYS near you. And I am CONSTANTLY speaking to you and calling to you. Pull back the drapes of your heart, Little One. Open the windows of your soul wide to capture every sight and sound that whispers of Me.