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Monday, September 6, 2010

Spinning Like a Top

From Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways by Ken Gire, except from pages 32-33.

The problem is not entirely in finding a quiet nook in this roller rink world of ours. The problem is quieting the soul in the midst of the noise.

But quieting the soul of a writer, who once fed a family of six from odd jobs and sometimes no jobs at all, is no small task. In those days I spent most of my time waiting for better times...

I lived a book at a time, a check at a time, and charted the course for my future, for all six of our futures, from a sextant fixed on just such dim starlight as that.

Someday I would write. Someday I would get something published. Someday I would be a full-time writer, making a living at what I loved. But while I was living for all those somedays, I was missing all my todays. I was so busy getting where I wanted to be I forgot where I was and what was being offered me there by the generous hand of God.

Seeing windows in my day-to-day life changed all that, quieting the noise in my soul as I began to realize not only what was being offered, but by whom. And I began to receive what was offered, not someday but today.

Today, though, has its own whirl of responsibilities, and if we get caught up in the spin, the windows of the soul will blur by us. To keep that from happening, Anne Morrow Lindbergh suggests we strive "to be the still axis within the revolving wheel of relationships, obligations, and activities."

The still axis.

It is able to maintain its center no matter how fast the wheel is turning. It is, in fact, what keeps the wheel turning. Without the axis being still, the wheel would wobble off or else bind up and bring everything lurching to a stop. Stillness is what gives stability. And it is what keeps the wheels from falling off our lives.

Jean says:
Father, help me to be still down deep inside where all of the emotional turmoil can take place. In place of those emotions that can grip me, or shred me to pieces, Father, put stillness. Stillness that is centered in You.
Your Word tells me You are changeless (James 1:17). Nothing affects You or alters You or Your plans. Lord, help me to center myself on You.
When the world is spinning around me, when life is spinning in a dozen different directions keep me centered on You.
God says:
Did you ever watch a toddlers toy top. You  know, the old fashioned kind that you pump the knob on top and the body of the toy spins faster and faster? All the colors blur into one. The outline and form of the toy becomes a blur too. Watching it spin, slow, teeter, than fall is fun for a toddler.
But living that way is no fun at all, Little One.
Only those whose hearts and minds are stabilized on Me can live in a still place, a place of peace (Isaiah 26:3).