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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Sovereign in Chains

From Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways by Ken Gire, pages 110, 114-115.

There are no persons so pagan that God cannot speak through them. There is no place so remote that God's voice cannot be heard there. At any time, in any place, through any means, God can speak to us. Sometimes He speaks through a wild wind raging through our lives; other times, through the calm rhythms rippling through a poem...

I wasn't sure how I had gotten into the wilderness I was in, and I didn't know how to get out. Every day at dusk I stood in the corner of the yard, leaning on the fence to watch another day die. And every day as the sun was interred on the horizon, bequeathing its colors to the clouds, I prayed for a way out of the wilderness.

What I learned in that corner of the yard was that prayer is the way out.

How many more things have I found my way out of because of prayer? Or found my way into? Certainly somebody's prayers helped me, when I was a teenager, to find my way into Young Life...

Who knows how many people prayed to pull me out of the wilderness? I knew of a few, and to those few I enclosed a copy of Tennyson's poem [Idylls of the King] in a Christmas card. Who knows what all was wrought by their prayers? More than this world dreams of, I'm sure.

I understood, even in the wilderness, that God is sovereign. But He is a sovereign in chains. I didn't understand that until I read Tennyson. God has ordained His kingdom to come, but He has ordained it to come on the links of our prayers.

Maybe that is how every good thing from heaven comes.

A chain of events forged from the seemingly inconsequential links of our prayers.

Jean says:

I can recall some very unlikely ways You have spoken to me, Lord. Some unlikely people have been Your voice in my life. Help me to be so finely tuned to Your voice, to Your frequency, that I recognize it any time, any place I hear it.

Help me to be practiced at listening intently so that I hear Your softest whisper.

Help me to be so familiar and comfortable with Your voice that I know immediately when I hear You, regardless of the source of the actual words or events.

I wonder, Father, how many of those links in the golden chain about Your feet are mine? I suppose I have no concept of how much or how often my little prayers have influenced other people's lives and eternities. Make me faithful to pray without ceasing anyway, Father.

I don't want to be the weak link.

God says:

"...More things are wrought by prayer
Than this world dreams of..." [Tennyson]

Not until Eternity will the impact of your prayers be fully known. You are all going to be really surprised!