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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making An Eternal Difference

From Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways by Ken Gire, from pages 185-188.

The sight of that woman hobbling down that sidewalk in front  of that playground was a window of the soul. It showed me something of the sadness of those whose life is the street. Something of the sidewalk monotony of their lives. And the meandering tragedy of a soul slowly walking itself to death. The picture of that woman on the street was a window of the soul, and I received at least something of what it had to offer.

But what had I given in return?

There is more to windows of the soul than what we receive there. Something is also required. Sometimes it is a very small thing. Sometimes it is our very life. What is it God expects from us at those intersecting moments like the one at Rosewood and Croft?

Is not this what I require of you as a fast:
   to loose the fetters of injustice,
   to untie the knots of the yoke,
      to snap every yoke?
   and set free those who have been crushed?
Is it not sharing your food with the hungry,
taking the homeless poor into your house,
   clothing the naked when you meet them
   and never evading a duty to your kinfolk?
                       (Isaiah 58:6 NEB)

It is how the Word of God dwelt among us. And how He dwells among us still. Except now, it is our flesh He slips into. What else could it mean to be called the body of Christ, if it is not His feet we are becoming, His hands? If it is not going where His feet went and doing what His hands did, what is it?

     Whose eyes will brim with compassion for the multitudes, if not ours?

     Whose arms will embrace the prodigals, if not ours?

     Whose hands will touch the lepers, if not ours?

...My point in telling you these stories is that the very least we should do is look. If we turn our head away, our heart will go with it. But if we look, maybe what we see there will in some way draw us into the picture...

And why?

Why should we stop? Why should we look? Why should we enter the picture?

Because it is what Jesus did. And what He would do if He were here. It is to those people He came. And to those people He wants to come again. But He is in heaven. And if He is to come to them at all, it must be through us.

Jean says:

Dear Lord,

I offer my hands to be Your hands extended to those in need.

I offer my feet to take me to the places You would go.

I offer my voice to speak Your truth and Your love wherever I find audience.

I offer my purse to provide for the poor as You would.

I offer my heart to empathize and sympathize with my fellow human beings.

At least, that is what I want to do, Lord. But sometimes my humaness gets in the way of my humanity.

Help me not to turn away but to peer through the windows of the soul as I pass through the streets of my life. Help me to be aware of the needs around me. Help me to not only hear Your voice, but to do what You require of me.

God says:

Every day, Little One, consciously choose to make every deed an act of worshipping Me.

It will make an eternal difference.