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Monday, August 9, 2010

You Are For Me

From Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges, page 34-35.

...not only does the gospel prepare me to face my sin, it also frees me up to do so. Facing our sin causes us to feel guilty. Of course we feel guilty because we are guilty. And if I believe, consciously or unconsciously, that God still counts my guilt against me, my instinctive sense of self-protection forbids me to acknowledge my sin and guilt, or, at the least, I seek to minimize it. But we cannot begin to deal with a particular manifestation of sin, such as anger or self-pity, until we first openly acknowledge its presence and activity in our lives. So I need the assurance that my sin is forgiven before I can even acknowledge it, let alone begin to deal with it.

By acknowledging my sin, I mean more than a halfhearted admission to myself that I acted selfishly in a given instance. Rather, I mean a wholehearted, defenseless admission, "I am a selfish person..."

The assurance that God no longer counts my sin against me does two things. First it assures me that God is for me, not against me (see Romans 8:31). I am not alone in this battle with sin. ... God is no longer my Judge; He is now my heavenly Father, who loves me with a self-generated, infinite love, even in the face of my sin. That assurance greatly encourages me and motivates me to deal with the sin.

Further, the assurance that God no longer counts my sin against me, and that in my struggles with sin, He is for me, produces within me a strong sense of gratitude for what He has done and is presently doing for me through Christ.

Jean says:

You are for me. You, my perfect God, are for me-plain ole me. You--my holy, perfect, spotless God, are for ME. Sinful me. Dirty me. Selfish me.

You are on my side.

You are cheering for me. Like a Little League mom cheering her heart out right down to the bottom of the ninth when my team is behind by 14 runs, You are still cheering for ME.

You give me so much help. You encourage me and discipline me and step back and watch me make my own mistakes again and again. And then You throw Your arms open wide and welcome me into Your forgiving embrace when I make a mess of my life.

You are for me. You want me to succeed. You want me to live in victory and joy and peace.

I just can't get over that, Lord.

God says:

I love you no matter what you do.

I forgive you every time you humbly ask Me to.

I cherish your feeble attempts to please me.

I long for your companionship, Little One.

Yes, I'm cheering you on. And I always will.

I AM--your biggest fan.