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Thursday, July 29, 2010

With Great Joy!

From Behind the Stories by Diane Eble, pages 260-261.

Liz Curtis Higgs - Signposts to Joy

If you are on the right road, you will experience a certain joy in the journey itself, even if the road becomes rocky. Liz has found that when she's doing what God made her to do--and for now, that means writing fiction--then there will be a certain joy that gives strength. "I keep thinking of the Scripture from Hebrews about Jesus, 'who for the joy set before him endured the cross,'" Liz says. "If there's this overriding sense of joy, mission, and passion, then that endeavor is of God. I have found that if something is very stressful, it's of Liz, but if it's of God, it flows." Not that it's always going to be easy, but there will be "moments of pure joy along the way."

Jean said:

Stress--that's a big one in our lives, isn't it, God? I can let myself get stressed over all kinds of things. I tend to be extremely detail oriented, and keeping all those details in order CAN become highly stressful, if I allow it to. Lord, help me to remember that You are my stress filter. You will pour those details through Your sieve if I'll let You. You will winnow the stress inducers away, if I'll let You.

There IS great joy in doing what You've called me to do. Sometimes I get bogged down in the mundane details, yes. [When will I ever learn???] But what joy I sense when all those details fall into place and I can see Your hands behind the finished product or event. It's inexplicably wonderful to sense You standing behind me, Lord, watching over my shoulder as I line up those details in neat rows.

And what joy I sense when I step back and let YOU bring all the details together. You're so much better at details than I am, God.

Thank You for being intimately, persistently involved in the details of whatever ministry I attempt and in the details of my plain old day-to-day life.

God said:

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Did you catch that, Little One? I said, Joy!

That's the way I want you to live each moment of your life--with joy.

That's the way I want you to work with your hands and your mind--with joy.

That's the way I want you to minister to one another--with joy.

That's the way I want you to sit at My feet and hear My voice--with joy.

That's the way I want you to live and to die--with joy.