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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Use It Well

From Behind the Stories by Diane Elbe, "Melody Carlson - Honor the Gift," excerpts from pages 57-60.

It's not always easy to see our own gifts. Often the thing we do well, we do so naturally that we can't even see how we've been gifted until someone else (usually not so endowed) points it out to us...

[Melody says] "It was a faith walk all the way. My prayer was, 'Oh, God, this is your gift and your calling; what do you want me to do with it?'"...

There is tremendous freedom in knowing that one's gift is from God. "It takes the pressure off," Melody says. "If one of my books doesn't sell well, then I can figure it's gotten to the people it's meant to reach." Leaving the results in God's hands allows her to focus on her task--to write the best books, with the truest message, that she can.

Jean said:

Lord, how easy it is for us--all of us--to think we're just plain ole people with no special abilities or gifts. But Your Word says that You bless all of us with gifts, talents, abilities. I ask myself why You would do that. Why would the great God of the Universe bestow special abilities individually tailored to each person?

Because You love us?

Because we are precious to You?

Because You want to--it is Your will to do that?

Because our unique blends of abilities give each of us a unique purpose for existing on this earth?

Because it brings You so much pleasure to give us good things?

Because You have a unique plan for each of our lives?

I guess I could answer yes to all of those things, Lord. I don't have to feel unworthy of these gifts. They are GIFTS from You and a gift is something I can't earn. If I try to earn it, try to be worthy of possessing it, then it's no longer a gift.

And I don't have to stress over the results of using the gifts You give to me. You give the gift. I use the gift for Your pleasure and glory. You and You alone are in charge of the results.

If I could just remember that day-to-day it would take so much pressure off my fragile ego. I need to concentrate on being faithful and You'll concentrate on the results. [Photo courtesy of]

Whew! I feel better already.

God said:

Little One, you could never, never, never pay Me back for even the tiniest gift. But you can use it wisely and watch it grow. You can watch it bless other people. And you can watch it turn around and bless your own life.

If I give you the gift of public speaking--speak!

If I give you the gift of writing--write!

If I give you the gift of compassion--reach out to other people!

If I give you the gift of hospitality--welcome others into your home and into your heart!

If I give you the gift of teaching--study and teach!

If I give you the gift of making money--get busy earning all the money you can so you can invest it in other people and in My work on earth!

Whatever your gift, use it well and watch Me bless it and prosper it for My own glory. You'll be so glad you did.