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Monday, July 26, 2010

Gateway to the Giver

From Behind the Stories by Diane Eble, page185.

Francine Rivers - "What God Took Away"

Any gift can become an idol if we value the gift more than the Giver. Francine muses, "It was when the writing no longer mattered to me, at the place where all that mattered was following the Lord, that the door [to writing] opened again. The gift was not the fact that now I was writing again, but that God took first place in my life. God was saying, 'Now that you have your priorities straight and I'm number one in your life, I will give you back what I gave you in the first place.'"

When God takes something away, it is to give back something greater. The gift is always a gateway to the Giver, not the end itself.

Jean said:

You, O God, are the Giver in my life. Every good thing that has ever come my way has been a gift from Your generous hand, I know. I pray that I always lay those gifts at Your feet before I try to use them. I pray that there, at Your feet, those gifts will grow and flourish and accomplish the purposes for which You gave them to me.

But You are also the Giver of things I would label as bad, Lord. You place me in circumstances, You surround me with people, You allow disappointments and failures into my life. And these, too, I need to lay at Your feet. I want to see them, too, as gifts from my loving Father. It's those hard places in life that form my character and mold me into the image of You, sweet Lord Jesus.

Remind me, Lord, that everything that touches my life or is a product of my life first passes through Your hands, then into my world.

Use them according to Your perfect and powerful plan for me and for the people my life touches.

God said:

What a beautiful sight, Little One. Piled here at My feet I see all the talents and abilities I gave you. I see the opportunities and difficulties of your small life. I see, too, your limitations and failures, and they are also beautiful to Me.


Not because of what they are--they may, in fact, be ugly at first glance.

No, it's because of where they are. They came from Me to you and now they have come full circle from you back to Me. From here I will channel them back through you again to bless other people, to glorify Me and to bring contentment, purpose and peace to you.

Full circle, My sweet child. A circle that never really ends or begins. It just keeps on going and giving for eternity.