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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fire of Passion

From Behind the Stories by Diane Eble. Excerpt from page 92, Alton Gansky "Despite the Obstacles."

Alton believes that when a deep desire continues to nag at a person's heart, it's time to listen up. He advises taking the decision to the Lord in prayer and asking God to clarify the gift and how it is to be used to bring him glory in the world. When the voices of fear and other objections clamor, lay those obstacles before the throne of the Almighty. If a desire is of God, two things will happen: new opportunities will open up, and there will be an inner experience of peace. That inner peace is essential, Alton says. "I have learned, through some hard experiences, that if I don't have the peace of God about a decision, then I should not walk that path; it is the Holy Spirit's way of telling me I'm on the wrong course. And if I do possess a sense of peace, it is God's grace-filled blessing and I should walk that road."

Jean said:

Lord, Father. I love to write. I love the whole process of putting my thoughts to paper or screen. Whether those thoughts come from my memories, or my understandings, or my colorful imagination I love the hard work of codifying them.

I enjoy the writing and re-writing. I enjoy the editing and the searching for just the right word in each sentence. I love the research of places and people, inventions and ideologies. I love shaping the rhythm and rhyme of words and phrases. I enjoy the music well-chosen words make when I read them aloud.

Yes, there are other things I enjoy, too. I enjoy my family. Those gorgeous grandchildren keep my heart pumping, Lord. And I love every conversation I have with our son and daughter. I love encouraging them and T's husband, too. I want to build great and godly things into all of their lives, Lord.

I enjoy eating the clean, fresh foods that I grow in that little plot of black dirt in our yard.

I relish every opportunity You give me to encourage other people and point them to a deeper relationship with You.

I love to be still and quiet and listen for Your voice.

But this desire I have to write almost consumes me, Lord. It's more than a hobby. It's a dream. It's a way of leaving the world a better place than I found it. It's a way of encouraging others. It's a way of pointing people to Christ. It's a way of having fun. It's a way of keeping my own brain working and learning. It's a way of mentoring others.

It's what I love to do with every spare moment, Father. I often find myself running to my computer to squeeze in a few more minutes of writing time instead of doing other tasks I should be doing.

God said:

Hold on, Little One. I get it! I get it! I can hear the excitement in your words. And I hear the passion behind your words. That passion is a gift, too, you know. When something excites you and makes you feel alive it's a passion. When a dream becomes a life-giver to you, it's a passion.

I can do a lot with that kind of passion, Little One. When you surrender that fire to Me for My purposes and My glory, well ...

I can do a lot with a passion like that. Wait. Watch. You'll see.