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Monday, June 21, 2010

We Are Warriors

From Candles in the dark by Amy Carmichael, page 32.

We are not called to be weaklings but warriors. So let no one be surprised when the enemy comes in like a flood. But there is no need ever to be overwhelmed. There is not one word in the Bible to tell us to expect to be overwhelmed, for the moment the enemy comes like a flood, that very moment the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19) and makes us strong to endure as seeing Him who is invisible.

Jean said:

It's difficult for me to envision myself as a warrior, Lord. I'm not tough. I'm not in peak physical condition. I'm not a brilliant strategist and I'm not very brave either.

But I'm reminded in Your Word that this warrior's job is to stand firm and watch You fight my battles and win my victories. I'm to depend on You to teach me the strategies of my enemy. I'm to depend upon You to give me the strength and endurance I'll need to do battle. I'm to hide behind Your courage.

My soldier-son tells me it is critical for a fighting force to correctly identify the enemy and to study his methods and tactics so that they can anticipate the enemy's moves. Victory doesn't come from being on the defensive. The force for good has to be aggressive in anticipating and preventing the enemy from striking.

That is one of the keys to victory.

Lord, give me eyes to see and wisdom to know the real enemy in my life. My family members are not my enemies. My co-workers and supervisors are not my enemies. My fellow students nor my teachers are my enemies. Neither my neighbors nor those who live on the other side of town, or the other side of the world, are my real enemies.

Satan is my real enemy. He stands behind every person who would wound or defeat me. Give me "night-vision" to see through the darkness and identify the correct enemy, Lord. 

I don't want to waste my resources, my strength, and my strategies fighting the wrong opponents.

God said:

Satan, Lucifer, the wicked one who hates me and everything I love is out to get you, Little One. Remember that. He will do whatever it takes to hurt me and that includes destroying you and every person I love.

But be encouraged, Little One. I won't let him destroy you. Though I am not "visible" to you I am with you. I will be your point man. I will be your air support. I will be your rear guard. I will fight your battles for you.

If you will simply step aside in trust and let me.