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Monday, June 28, 2010

Telegraph Prayers

From Candles in the dark by Amy Carmichael, page 71.

Our loving Lord is not just present, but nearer than thought can imagine, so near that a whisper can reach Him. You know the story of the man who had a quick temper and had not time to go away and pray for help. His habit was to send up a little telegraph prayer, '"Thy sweetness, Lord!", and sweetness came.

Do you need courage? "Thy courage, Lord!"

Patience? "Thy patience, Lord!"

Love? "Thy love Lord!"

A quiet mind? "Thy quietness, Lord!"

Shall we all practice this swift and simple way of prayer more and more? If we do, our Very Present Help will not disappoint us. For Thou, Lord, hast never failed them that seek Thee.

Jean said:

I think of Peter's prayer when he walked with You on the churning Sea, Lord Jesus. When he began to sink he immediatley cried out, "Lord, save me!" There was no time to compose a beautiful prayer.

I think that often the shortest prayers are the most effective for me, too, Lord. They are usually my most heart-felt prayers. And they are the genuine cries of my desperate heart.
And I sense Your presence most dearly when I am desperate, Lord.

I need to adopt Amy Carmichael's philosophy and Peter's practice. When I'm about to cross over the line from temptation into sin, or, when I feel myself sinking in whatever is happening around me, I need to cry out just one word to You.

Like Peter I need to send up a desperate, "Help!" with my mouth., and let You read all that's in my heart.

God said:

Oh, Little One. You're learning. 

When you're desperate, then you're most ready to receive My help.

When you're desperate, then you're most focused on Me and My power to rescue you.

When you're desperate you can see clearly that you've come to the end of yourself, and you're ready to step into the beginning of Me.

And when you're desperate, you can see clearly that I am enough.