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Friday, June 11, 2010

Small Task -- Great Love

From Candles in the dark by Amy Carmichael, page 24.

Life and Work

Think of yourself
as belonging first to your Lord
and then to all, Servant of all.
In serving any one of the 'all'
you are serving Him who is your Lord.
Life is never lonely or empty
if we keep Him where He must always be,
in the first place.

Jean said:

Lord, the past few months it seems I've gone from crisis to crisis in my personal life. At times I've felt like I was standing in a ring of fire trying desperately to keep the hungry flames at bay with only a green twig and an eye dropper!

"Overwhelmed" is the word that comes to mind lately.

Until a couple of days ago, that is. Then it dawned on me that all of these family crises around me this year have been opportunities sent from You. They've been opportunities to serve the people I love most--my family. So, I'm pausing for a while to thank You for these opportunities.

When I read Amy Carmichael's poem [above] the little word "one" grabs my attention, Lord. It reminds me that I don't have to be involved in some huge ministry to serve You. That I don't need to be spearheading some world-changing organization, some massive operation to serve You. I don't need to be in a spotlight or on a stage or behind a hand-crafted cherry desk to serve You.

Any time I minister to one hungry, sick or lonely person I am serving You.

Whenever I'm busy with obscure acts of service to my mother or my husband I am serving You.

Whenever I do laundry or change diapers for one needy person I'm serving You.

Whenever I empty a bed pan or drive a neighbor to a doctor's appointment I'm serving You.

And what a great honor it is to be in Your service, Lord. Whether I spend years serving a congregation of thousands or one frail person in a nursing home, I'm serving You.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me these opportunities to serve.

God said:

No task is small or unimportant, Little One, if it is done with great love.

Keep on serving others, Little One, and I'll keep supplying you with all the strength, all the patience, all the courage, and all the joy you could ever need.