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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Radical Living

From Behind the Stories, Page 33, "Randy Alcorn: A Matter of Perspective"

Randy Alcorn demonstrates that when you"seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness," temporal needs will be met. In more direct and obvious ways than the rest of us, Randy depends on God for every need. For his life and breath, as his diabetes reminds him. For every temporal need to be met, as he lives on a restricted wage. And for spiritual strength and perspective, as he wrestles with daily priorities and the responsibilities of his ministry.

Yet don't all of us work for the Lord, directly or indirectly? Aren't we all dependent on God's grace for every breath and temporal need? Aren't we all called to submit our talents to God for his use? Aren't we all required to obediently seek justice and mercy and tell others of the grace of God? Don't we all struggle to keep our priorities focused on what really matters? In whatever circumstance we find ourselves, we are called to the same kind of obedience and dependence Randy demonstrates.

...What amazing things might God do through your radical dependence and obedience? The only way to find out is to set your sights on eternity, on the unseen, give God your all, and watch for the miracles.

Jean said:

Dearest Father,

I can't begin to count the number of times I have found these principles to be true in my life! As I live out of dependence on You I find that You meet my every need. Big things like no job, no paycheck, and no where to live. Down to little things like finding a lost document or phone message. Each time I let go of my pathetic attempts to hold myself up or to hold my life together I fall back into Your waiting arms. And I see You answer my cries and supply my needs.

As for's so very true that each time I obey You in spite of circumstances, in spite of my abilities or inabilities, in spite of possible consequences...

Each time I obey You anyway, You honor that obedience and do something fantastic in my life.Something miraculous.

How exciting it is to recognize all of those miracles You do on my behalf day after day as I depend on You for my needs and desires, and as I obey You in spite of my needs and desires.

God said:

It takes radical thinking to live a radical life, Little One.

And it takes radical dependence on Me to be a radical thinker.

It takes radical obedience to Me [and My Word] to live in radical dependence.

You see, Little One. We're not partners, you and I. No, we're not "in this together". We're not buddies or pals. My relationship to you is so much bigger than that. So much wider and deeper than that.

I am the Creator. You are the created.

I am the King of the Universe. You are My subject.

I am the Father. You are the little child.

I am the Master. You are the servant.

I am the Provider. You are the needy one.

I am the Owner. You are the vessel.

I am the Lover. You are the beloved.

That's radical thinking for you self-reliant, independent-minded, pull-yourselves-up-by-your-bootstraps humans.

And that's the key to your living a life of radical dependence and obedience to Me.

That's the pathway to peace and joy and contentment. That's the pathway to a radical life of miracles.