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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Full Attention

From Candles in the dark by one of my mentors and inspirations, Amy Carmichael. Page 4.

"Everything is important, even the tiniest thing. If you do everything, whether great or small, for the sake of your Savior and Lord, then you will be ready for whatever work He has chosen for you to do later."

Jean said:

Dear Lord,

Remind me that every little thing in my life is important to You and to Eternity.

Those little daily tasks I do to serve my family are important to You.

Those little words I speak - words of kindness and encouragement, or words of pain and spite - are important to You.

Those little attitudes I take when I'm in a huff about some little something said to me in haste are important to You.

Those little acts of kindness to friends and strangers are important to You.

Those little moments I fritter away on unimportant things are important to You.

And those minutes I steal from the tasks of my day to be alone with You are important to You.

Remind me, Lord, that not even the falling of a tiny sparrow escapes Your divine attention.

And not even my smallest heartache is outside your care.

I am humbled by Your magnanimous love for me.

God said:

Oh, my beautiful Little One. How could anything in your life escape my attention? You are my precious child. You are my heart of hearts. You are NEVER out of my earshot or my field of vision.

And you are never outside my thoughts.

I love you far too much to ever take my eyes or my heart off of you. You always have My full attention.