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Thursday, June 24, 2010

He Remembers Every Single Thing

From Candles in the dark by Amy Carmichael, page 33.

'I know thy... ministry'

You know Campbell Morgan's thought about ministry being different from works. He sees it as the unofficial, untabulated little loving kindnesses of life. I looked the word up in Young's Concordance. It's the word used of Martha preparing food for our Lord Jesus, such an ordinary, everyday sort of thing, nothing she would expect to be remembered.

He remembers every single little inconspicuous thing--quite apart from the big thing, the 'works'. What a loving memory He has.

Jean said:

Lord, my mind is scanning its files right now. Going back through the years trying to find all of those "unofficial, untabulated little loving kindnesses" that so many people have graced me with time and again. I'm trying to remember all the casseroles and pots of stew brought to our home the times I was ill or had a new baby.

I'm thinking of the hundreds of hand made cards the school children gave us when our son Stephen died.

I'm remembering dozens of men at church mowing our lawn, fixing our leaky faucets, and patching our old car together when J. was out of work or ill.

I'm remembering groceries left on our doorstep and $10 bills poked into my hands when we were scraping the last bit of flour out of the barrel.

I recall kind people in our church buying school clothes for our daughter and paying for her to attend summer camp. And the great men who loved our sons and took them under their wings during those Little League years.

Just ordinary, everyday things that people have graced us with over the years. Ministry. Christians, friends, family, neighbors extending Your grace to us.

Too many kindnesses for me to remember them all, Lord.

But You remember every single one. Not one deed of ministry escapes Your attention. Not one gracious act goes unnoticed by You.

Ministry. Beggars breaking bread with other beggars.

God said:

Ministry. Kindness extended. Grace bestowed. Mercy poured out from one human being onto another.

In the name of my lovely Son, Jesus.