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Thursday, May 13, 2010


From Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer by J. Oswald Sanders, pages 96-97.

Our Lord sets the perfect example of strategic use of time. He moved through life with measured steps, never hurried, though always surrounded by demands and crowds. When a person approached Him for help, Jesus gave the impression that He had no more important concern than the needs of His visitor.

The secret of Jesus' serenity lay in His assurance that He was working according to the Father's plan for His life--a plan that embraced every hour and made provision for every contingency. Through communion in prayer with His Father, Jesus received each day both the words He would say and the works He would do... (John 14:10)

Jesus' greatest concern was to fulfill the work committed to Him within the allotted hours. He was conscious of a divine timing in His life. (John 7:6; 12:23, 27; 13:1; 17:1)...

How interesting that the gospel accounts contain no hint of any interruption ever disturbing the serenity of the Son of God... "Unexpected" events were always foreseen in the Father's planning, and Jesus was therefore undisturbed by them...

'So, now I take interruptions as from the Lord. They belong in my schedule, because the schedule is God's to arrange at His pleasure.'

Jean said:

Dear Lord, I remember how frustrated I used to get at interruptions until You somehow broke through that selfishness and revealed to me that nothing ever interrupts You and Your schedule. From that point on I've been able to see that people who interrupt my agenda are part of Yours. Much of the irritation and frustration I used to feel vanished and I learned to embrace those people-interruptions as God-opportunities.

But aggravation and irritation at other types of interruptions have continued to plague me until recently. Especially interruptions associated with machines, software, and other forms of technology. Those aggravations would turn into explosions in my mind and heart. And, unfortunately, sometimes those explosions scattered schrapnal all over people who happened to be in my path.

I'm so ashamed to remember those childish hissy-fits.

A few weeks ago You put me in a position that really held that selfishness to the fire. You stranded me from my hectic schedule of being "connected" electronically all the time. And You kept me there for three weeks.

It took me about 10 days to figure out what You were doing, but boy! did I get Your message, Father.

And yesterday You put me to the test again. [Just to be sure I got Your message, I suppose.]

And I think I did. I'm surprised at how calm I'm feeling about my computer/technology crisis yesterday. And surprised that I didn't have my usual meltdown over such a situation. I reacted with peace, real peace, that You were in charge of this huge interruption in my busy life.

I think, Father, that You finally got through my hectic mindset and my self-imposed sense of importance to the running of the Universe.

Thank You.

God said:

Different things frustrate different people and steal their moment-by-moment joy, Little One. For the past few years with you it's been technology like email, and devices like computers and cell phones that seem to push you over the edge.

Regardless of the source of the interruptions, though, the secret is to see time the way I see it, to acknowledge that it isn't your time at all--it all belongs to Me. I just loan you some of it each time the sun rises and sets.

Nothing "interrupts" Me. Nothing interferes with My schedule. Nothing catches Me by surprise. It's all part of My plans for you, Little One.

I love it when a plan comes together. Especially when it's My plan for your day.