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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny Steps

From Honest to God? Becoming an Authentic Christian by Bill Hybels, page 105.

" Paul's call to a life of rejoicing doesn't mean a life of cheap slogans and bumper-sticker solutions. authentic Christianity gives us room to honestly deal with the heartache in our lives by acknowledging it, pouring it out to the Lord, and sharing it with friends and counselors.

But the last step still remains--to find in every situation, no matter how distressing, that little bit of reality that's worthy of praise. In that the true child of God can authentically rejoice.

I can't end this chapter without urging those of you with buried pain to step out in faith. Begin to process the pain...

Why not decide right now to take steps toward emotional healing? It's possible your journey will take you through the valley--that you'll dredge up pain you think is too great to bear. But as hard as it is, it's a price worth paying. It's the only path to the freedom of emotional authenticity."

Jean said:

Lord, I'm so glad that You saved all of me. You love and accept all of me. Not just my spirit. Not just my eternal soul. You love my physical body with its health and infirmities. You love my mind with its wisdom and its foolishness. You love my emotions that are up and those that are down. You love me truthfully. You love me with all of Yourself. And that's how You want me to love You, too.

You want me to love You with all of my self, all of my life. All of my strength whether physical or spiritual or intellectual. All of my being which involves my physical life, my spiritual life, and my emotional life.

You made me for relationships, Lord. And relationships rely on emotions. You made me to relate to You, first of all. But You also made me to relate to other people, and even to this physical world You created.

Relationships make us complete and happy.But they also make us vulnerable. They can make us sad and frightened and rejected and even isolated.

Search my heart, O God. Show me how to pull the pain up to the surface so that You can purge it from my heart and mind. Don't let me spend my earthly life hiding from pain, Lord.  Bring it to light so that You can heal it, erase it, transform it into something beautiful. Help me to walk in health and in truth.

God said:

The Light of My Truth shines deep inside your wounded hearts, Little One. His Light-Jesus' Light-can penetrate the broken places if you'll let it. If you'll take the tiny steps My Light of Truth reveals to you, those tiny steps will lead to huge healings, honest relationships, and rejoicing that is unimaginable.

Tiny steps. Here, Little One. Take My hand. I'll take those tiny steps with you.