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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seeing Right Through Me

From Honest To God? Becoming an Authentic Christian by Bill Hybels (published by Zondervan in 1990), page 14-15.

...To build authentic relationships with Jesus Christ, we have to declare war against whatever worldly entanglements keep us from daily fellowship with Him. we have to buck the agendas and values of society and slow down long enough to commune with Him.

...I know I am living authentically when I sense God's power, or come up with ideas that aren't my own, or exhibit wisdom beyond my human insights. I know it when I'm preaching and the Holy Spirit does a work I couldn't do in the flesh. I know it when I'm praying and feel an extra surge of faith. I know it when I respond to confrontation with uncharacteristic humility. I know it when my conscience won't let me slip into grayness. I know it when I get home after a busy day and really try to serve my wife. I know it when I follow God out on a limb even when I'm scared silly.

Jean said:

I agree, Lord, with the things Rev. Hybels says here. But, I've also learned that it isn't just "worldly entanglements" that can steal away the time I should be sitting, silent, waiting for Your voice. It's often those "good" things I volunteer for that eat away my time. It's even the "godly" things I do. The classes I teach. The organizations I volunteer with. The favors I do for family and friends. They can all keep not only my calendar full, but my mind. They can occupy my thoughts so that I neglect to simply sit, to still myself, and to listen for Your words for me.

I know I am living authentically when I am comfortable being alone in Your presence with no pressing duties, no agenda, no motive other than simply enjoying You. I know I am living authentically when I'm as comfortable as a kitten on a sunny window sill as I sit in silence and wait for Your whispers.

That doesn't happen often enough, though. Does it? I usually rush into Your presence, agenda in hand, one eye on the clock. Forgive me, Father, for placing MY agenda ahead of Yours. Forgive me, please, for squeezing You into MY day.

God said:

You're right, Little One. I don't appreciate being squeezed in. Your children didn't like it when they were growing up. They wanted your full attention sometimes. Your husband doesn't appreciate it either. He wants to know that he's important enough to you to merit a chunk of your time and attention occasionally.

So do I, Little One.

When you choose to make that kind of time for Me I pour My spirit into Your life. When you deliberately set aside your business and regularly reserve chunks of time for Me I bathe you in My power and My presence.

Then, when I've surrounded you and injected you with My Spirit you become transparent, clean, holy. Then, and only then, can I live out My life in you. That's when your life becomes authentic, Little One. When people look at you, but they see right through you and see Me.