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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Word!

Dear Readers,
Thank you for your prayers for me and J. He is doing well, but will be staying in a rehab center at this hospital for several weeks. We are grateful for the Lord's intervention in this emergency.

From Honest To God? Becoming an Authentic Christian by Bill Hybels, page 29.

“I took a giant step on the path to spiritual authenticity when I started journaling, writing out my prayers, and listening to God. The disciplines of solitude and fasting have opened up new dimensions of that journey.

I can’t say what it will take for you to become spiritually authentic. But I can say this: There are no shortcuts. Wishing for spirituality isn’t enough. Growth that produces power and consistency requires strategy and discipline.”

Jean said:

Lord, this journey toward authenticity has been a long one for me. My heart has been in the right place since I accepted Christ; I’ve wanted to be real, transparent, authentic from the beginning. But, like everything else in this life, wanting isn’t enough.

Rev. Hybels says it requires “strategy and discipline.”

It strikes me as strange—no, ridiculous, Lord, that we work and plan and exercise self-discipline and restraint in our careers and hobbies, our educations and physical fitness, but we think the most important aspects of our lives will just happen! Things like having a strong marriage, like being a great parent, and becoming an effective, spirit-led Christian will just evolve. We think if we sprinkle on a little prayer and spray a little Sunday School on ourselves we’ll just automatically grow spiritually, like we automatically grow physically.

Lord, remind me daily that my relationship to you needs nurturing. I need to seek YOUR strategy for my growing more like Christ. Then I need to discipline myself to do those things that will encourage that spiritual growth. I need to be intentional in my relationship to You.

Don’t let me lapse into being a sloppy, lazy Christian, Lord.

God said:

My Word, Little One!

My Word has the plan in it. My Word lays out the strategy for growing more like Jesus. But it takes discipline on your part to dig into it and mine out of it that strategy.

Spend focused, deliberate time in My Word. It will not return to Me empty. Spend focused, deliberate time in My Word and it WILL produce the growth you desire.

You have My word on it.