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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Journaling The Journey

From Honest To God? Becoming an Authentic Christian by Bill Hybels, page 29.

“I took a giant step on the path to spiritual authenticity when I started journaling, writing out my prayers, and listening to God. The disciplines of solitude and fasting have opened up new dimensions of that journey.

I can’t say what it will take for you to become spiritually authentic. But I can say this: There are no shortcuts. Wishing for spirituality isn’t enough. Growth that produces power and consistency requires strategy and discipline.”

Jean said:

I know this is the same passage I used last Monday, Lord. But it's such a good one. I can't overlook his reference to journaling. I’ve been journaling my prayers such a long time, I can’t remember when I started. My computer journals go back at least ten years. Then, there is that thick file folder in the cabinet. Those journals go back to about 1980 or so. [Boy! I’m getting old, Lord ]

It’s encouraging to go back and look at those old prayer needs and lists and journals to see how You answered those requests, and how You worked different situations out. Sometimes I read them and am reminded of how You didn’t answer those prayers the way I wanted, or the way I thought You should. Sometimes You surprised me, frightened me, or astounded me with Your methods, Your timing, or Your answers in my life. I believe You are definitely the God of Surprises!

That habit of journaling birthed this very blog, Lord. The habit of recording my needs and requests, then listening and watching for Your answers turned into a habit of talking with You about everything. And, for me, the most natural way to do that is in print.

I’m a visual creature. It helps me to be able to trace in print Your hand in my life. To see Your work through the years. And writing down my conversations with You (both ends) keeps me focused on who is the real source for my life—You, Lord! You have all the answers and journaling my thoughts and my conversations with You helps me to understand what You are saying to me.

You! Wonderful You! Amazing You!

God said:

You are right, Little One. Whatever your need, bring it to Me. Whatever your joy, share it with Me. Whatever your sin come to Me for forgiveness. Whatever decisions you must make, come to Me for wisdom to choose and courage to follow through. Come to Me.

I’m always listening.