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Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the Image of Christ

From Honest to God: Becoming an Authentic Christian by Bill Hybels, page 27.

If we want to be like Christ, we have to live as He lived. That doesn't mean we focus on the special moments when His character and compassion shone in the public spotlight or try to mimic Him...It means we imitate His entire life, including the behind-the-scenes disciplines that prepared Him to shine when the pressure was on. It means we practice the activities He practiced.

Jean said:

To live as He lived,
To imitate His entire life, behind the scenes,
To be prepared as He was to shine when the pressure is on,
O, Lord, am I prepared to shine? Do I devote enough of my behind-the-scenes practices to cultivating my moment-by-moment relationship to You so that You can prepare me for the times of pressure? When life rubs me the wrong way does it produce the luster of Christ on my life?

Do I focus on the things Christ Jesus focused on?

Do I practice solitude like Jesus did?

Do I pray like He prayed--honestly? transparently? selflessly? Listening more than speaking?

Do I live simply so that I am not fettered to this world but free to center my thoughts on the world to come?

Do I live sacrificially, being others-minded?

Do I love Your Word and snuggle it deep in the folds of my heart so that I naturally lean on it in my day-to-day choices?

Lord, let me live as Christ Jesus lived so that You might see reflected in me His perfect image.

God said:

Do you remember the other day when little M. complained about his younger brother D.L. following him around and trying to do everything M. was doing? Do you remember what you told him?

You said, "That's only because he loves you so much and he wants to be just like you."

Well, I see that same trait in you, My precious Little One. You love your big brother Jesus so much and you really want to be just like Him.

M. isn't always the perfect model for D.L. , is he? But you couldn't possibly pick a better role model than Jesus

And the extra blessing is that you don't even have to TRY to be like Jesus. Just let ME make you like Him. Let ME give you the desire and the power to practice those disciplines that Jesus practiced on earth. Let ME shine you up to reveal the perfect image of your big brother.

Then everyone is bound to see the family resemblence.