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Monday, April 5, 2010

Authentic Christians

Jean Said:

Dear Reader,

It's Monday morning, and I am away from home. My husband J is in an intensive care unit at a VA medical center. He became ill last Friday and ended up in emergency surgery. We'll be here under the marvelous care of this hospital staff for a while. J is not out of the woods yet, so we both will greatly appreciate your prayers for God's will and glory to be done in J's life.

We are grateful for the many times and ways VA staff members and facilities have helped J and blessed us. It thrills me that every time we come for his care at every VA facility (and we've been to numerous facilities oodles of times) we meet Christians compassionately and graciously serving the veterans of our country. Just last Saturday one of the surgeons held J's hand and prayed with him before his surgery. What a great gift that was to J's peace of mind and, by extension, to me and our children.

Dear Father,

Thank you for the kindness and compassion, for the skill and expertise we see in the people who serve at VA facilities. You are so good to send these "angels" of compassion our way time and again. I ask You to meet their needs, Lord. I ask You to bless their homes and families. I ask You to reveal Yourself to them in fresh ways every day. I ask You to breathe peace over them and wisdom into them.

This morning, Lord, I ask You to breath peace and contentment over J. I ask You to be near him every moment and assure him of Your presence.

God Said:

Why, Little One, does it surprise you so to find my other children living their lives going about doing good? I AM the Great Healer, remember? My children are not only at the VA hospitals; they are everywhere you go doing good, being My hands and My heart in the world.

You are one of those "angels" too. Just stop being conscientious about your relationship to Me. Let My Spirit flow through you and out of you naturally. Let My supernatural love and compassion become the normal flow of your life.

Isn't that what you're reading about in your book Honest To God? Becoming an Authentic Christian [by Bill Hybels]? Aren't you reading about becoming "the real thing" in your broken world? Look up from that book a moment, Little One. Look around. Maybe there are more "authentic" Christians than you think.

Let My supernatural become natural to you. Then other people will recognize that you are one of Mine just as easily as you recognize those "angels" at the VA facilities. They aren't really angels, though. You know that. They are simply Christians who aren't self-conscious or afraid to live out their faith day-by-day as they interact with other people.

That's the way I like it, Little One. For them. And for you, too.