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Monday, March 22, 2010

Joy Is Not A Destination

From Zealous Love: A Guide to Social Justice by Mike and Danae Yankoski, page 235-236.

Let us offer one small piece of advice. Because there is so much need in our world, it would be foolish to try to make a difference everywhere. There's a reason you and I must sleep at night, a reason we can't carry the world's weight on our shoulders: we weren't designed to solve all the world's problems by ourselves. When we try, we become over whelmed very quickly. Christ himself said:" The poor you will always have with yo" (Mark 14:7). This statement is by no means an excuse to do nothing, but it ought to frame our attitude toward social justice. We were not meant to obsess over solving the problems in our world. Rather, we are to be mindful and focused on sacrificial serving where and how God calls us.

Our challenge to you is to spend time prayerfully considering how God is calling you to get involved. Perhaps you have several ideas you're already beginning to pursue. If so, keep on. However, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, let us suggest that you choose one area of focus... By reading Zealous Love you've been generally informed about many issues; now is the time to become passionate about one. Focus your efforts, your energy, and your time on the area to which you feel most called. How can you make the greatest impact? What gifts, connections, and passions has the Lord given to you so that you might use them for his glory?

...surrender yourself to the leading of our good and gracious God.

Finally, brothers and sisters, don't give up. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep on, and enjoy the journey.

Jean said:

Lord, I believe You want me to live passionately. You want me to live full-throttle for Your glory. I don't believe in doing things half-way or half-heartedly. Lord, I want Your huge love to fill me and to spill over the sides of this poor vessel. I want Your love and goodness and generosity to splash all over the people I contact in this life.

Father, channel my passions into the causes that You have planned for me. Give me direction. Give me motivation. Give me dedication. Give me jubilation as I do what You have planned for me to do for the good of my fellow human beings -- eternally.

God said:

Direction?  Simple. Follow Me and stay close enough to hear My whispers.

Motivation? Is My love for you not enough to motivate you, Little One?

Dedication? I've already done that. I dedicated you for My divine purpose long before you grew inside your mother's womb. I set you apart to be My own beloved child before the first blade of grass broke through earth's virgin soil.

Jubilation? That will come in direct proportion to the other three, Little One. As you follow My lead, as you learn to live in My love and pour your heart and soul into becoming the person I want you to become, you will find joy.

Remember this:

Joy is not a goal; It is a by-product. Joy is not a destination; it is the scenery along the way.