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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to Help

From Zealous Love: A Guide to Social Justice by Mike and Danae Yankoski, page 131.

Living as we do in a world that suffers so much, two opposing possibilities can easily tempt us: either to turn our backs and live oblivious to the pain or to allow the pain to overwhelm us and despair to take up residence in our hearts. The truly faithful option is to face the pain and live joyfully in the midst of it. Those who suffer most remind us of how tragic and arrogant it would be for us to lose hope on behalf of people who have not lost theirs. They are teachers of joy.

(quoted from Joyce Hollyday)

Jean said:

Lord, I am here again praying and asking for Your direction. I've been asking how I can do more than just feel bad about my brothers and sisters around the world who daily suffer hunger and thirst, lack of education and money to survive, persecution and slavery, disease and lack of basic health care.

The first thing that came to my mind was donating to Samaritan's Purse. They minister in so many ways to people in crisis around the world.

This book, Zealous Love is filled with the names and contact information for dozens of organizations. I can research them and get involved in those You indicate to me, Lord.

Lifewater International and Blood:Water Mission are two that bring clean water and other necessities to suffering people.

I must do something, Lord. I can't just sit and worry. I can't just see the enormity of world problems and shrivel in despair. Show me, Lord, where to give and how much to give and what to do.

Today I bought a gift at a Family Christian Store. I picked up a card at the register. It said, "Provide clean water and education for orphans when you pre-buy a certain CD by MercyMe or a DVD Blind Side." Such a simple way for me to help!

God said:

I did, Little One. Weren't you paying attention? I showed you several ways to help. Now stop sitting on the fence of indecision.

What are you waiting for? A giant hand writing on a wall somewhere?

People are dying, Little One.

Get up. Go. Do. Give. Help.