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Monday, February 1, 2010

Listen! God Is Speaking

My last selection from The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg, page 189 - 190 says:

...God reveals himself to each of us differently. When you find your mind awakened by a Scripture that won't let your heart go, know that there's a good chance God is speaking to you. Don't ignore it. Pay attention. Take the echo back to God in prayer. Be confident that he is leading you, guiding you, and revealing himself to you...

Jean said:

"You reveal Yourself to each of us differently."

I know that You have revealed Yourself to us in three huge ways, Lord: through creation; through Your Son, Jesus, the Living Word; and through Your written Word. But I also know that You speak to us individually and show us things about Yourself individually. I am grateful that You see us and know us as individual works of art, Lord.

Like a loving mother demonstrates her love to each of her children in ways that will be most meaningful to them, tenderly You speak to us and touch us as individuals in significant ways.

You get my attention in ways that my stubborn heart will respond to.

You comfort me with tender expressions that will speak volumes to me alone.

You discipline me with methods that will most effectively teach and guide me.

So, when I notice one of these things in my life I'll know it is You trying to grab my attention or reach my heart. I'll know You are again speaking -- to me.

Help me to be tuned in, Lord. Help me to recognize the sound of Your voice in my life. Help me to filter out the static of this world and hear clearly the music of Your voice in my life.

God said:

Isn't it wonderful that, out of the thousands of voices in the world, that your children, whom you cherish, can say just one word over a phone network, and you can instantly recognize who is speaking to you? And out of all the people and all the shoes and boots and slippers in the world you can hear just a few footsteps coming down the hall and instantly know which child (or grandchild) of yours it is? Or, how you can see them walking with a crowd of people and still recognize him or her by their unique posture and gait?

Why? Because they are so dear to you, Little One. You know them that well. Your heat beats in rhythm with theirs. You are tuned in to them.

I want you to be just that familiar with me, Little One. So, when I speak, or walk into an area of your life, or take a step in a certain direction you will know it is I. And you will fearlessly follow My lead.