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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Love You

From The Sacred Echo (M. Feinberg) page 38:

In less than 250 words, God spoke the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies, heavens, earth, clouds, seas, lakes, puddles, cliffs, dunes, caverns, twigs, petals, giraffes, zebras, polar bears, flamingos, puppies, the human race into existence. If God can do so much with so few words, then I can't afford to miss a single one. As demonstrated in creation and throughout the Bible, the words of God are life, they bring life, they instill life, they bring back to life. His words come alive not just in our minds, but in our hearts, as a holy reverberation of transforming power.

When God echoes I love you, it's not a slice of information but a feast of transformation. I am invited to experience the fullness of God's love in my life, heart, and spirit. The holy metamorphosis is designed to ring so genuine and true that others can't help but notice. When I love you is alive in my mind, I become better at expressing that love. When I love you is alive in my life, I become a smidgen closer to being who God has called and created me to be.

Jean said:

"I love you." In the silence of midnight I snuggle under my comforter and hear Your beautiful voice whispering those words as I ease into sleep. Your "I love you" wraps me up in warmth like the tattered old quilt in my living room, Lord. I can hear the chimes of Your voice in my head playing the music of "I love you" whenever I stop hustling and bustling to sit before You in quiet. Your Word describes that quiet as being like that of a sleeping baby satisfied with mother's milk and nestling his tiny head on her shoulder.

Your "I love you" holds me up me when everything around is dragging me under. Your "I love you" keeps me at peace and fills me with joy when life isn't peaceful or joyful at all.

Why is it so difficult for us to be quiet, to stop our hectic activity and be still so that we can hear Your whispered, "I love you" Lord? Why are our ears so dull that we can't hear the echoes of Your voice in the music of rain and the morning songs of birds? In the rustling of leaves and the rumblings of thunder? In the giggles of children and the raspy vibrato of the aged?

Open my ears, Lord, and teach me to listen for Your voice everywhere.

God said:

Why is it so difficult? Because you live in the here and now instead of the hear and know. You live in a temporary world that pulls urgently at your sleeve. That pull is difficult for you to ignore. It takes a deliberate effort on your part, Little One, to push that world away and lay your attention at My feet.

But it's worth it, don't you think?