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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Splendor of Autumn


The splendor of autumn surrounds us, Lord. Deciduous trees are in their glory this time of year. If I'm still enough I can almost hear their scarlet songs of praise to You, God.

Their golden leaves dripping from sleepy branches remind me that someday You will rim my head with a golden crown. A crown that I will joyfully cast at Your feet with the exuberance that my eternal freedom will bring.

In summer Your hills and fields are dressed in innumerable shades of green. But in the fall those same trees, shrubs and grasses slip into 1000 shades of brown. It makes me think of the people around me; we're wrapped in skins of so many beautiful shades. How did You come up with so many variations of each color, Lord?


I had such fun making the world you live in, Little One. I held nothing back as I expressed my own beauty and strength, order and creativity through the things you see around you. I made them for My pleasure and for yours, too.

Sit back and soak it all in, Little One. Inhale the beauty. Indulge in the diversity. Let the splendor of autumn point your heart straight to Me.