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Monday, November 2, 2009

One Heart For Many


I received a sweet email today, Lord, from a lady who reads our blog regularly. It's always a thrilling and humbling experience to hear or read that these words etched into cyberspace impact someone's life. Lord, help me, guide me, inspire me as I frame my thoughts and yours with these words.

I was beginning to think that our readers might be bored with reading about the issue of abortion every Monday. But my friend reminded me how important the issue is. And she thanked me for keeping the issue of the slaying of the innocents before our readers. Lord, this is such a small thing to do--typing words as they sail through my heart. Words that express my grief and dread over the lost lives.

God, stop this practice of killing our own babies as nonchalantly as buttering our morning toast. Touch the hearts of the mothers who are considering abortion. Grab the hearts of the fathers who sit back and allow it, encourage it, or demand it. Change the hearts of the grand parents who try to convince their daughters to get rid of their embarassing and inconvenient grandchild before it's first cry.

Lord God, put abortion mills out of business in America, please. Close the doors of the "clinics" that provide this "service."

And while I'm asking, would you put those people who are pushing for legalized abortion out of business, too? Would you remove them from office? Would you cause their constiuents to wake up and withdraw their support? Would you make the consciences of the good people of America rise up within us and force us to face the fact that we are eliminating the next generation? And that killing preborn babies is murder?

Father, about the White House and the people in power in Washington, DC. Would you break their hearts for the children? Would you stop them in their destructive tracks and turn them around? Would you change their hearts so that thousands of other hearts will change along with them?

For the children's sake? For righteousness' sake? For Your sake?


Righteousness exhalts a nation, Little One. Do you think that only means "national righteousness" or "corporate righteousness?" No. A nation is exhalted when the individual citizens of that nation live righteously. When the individual citizens do what is right and good. When they obey the laws of that land. When they treat others with dignity and respect. When they protect the innocent and provide for the unfortunate. When they consider others before they consider themselves.

Righteousness is revealed, Little One, by the way the individual people of a nation treat their weakest citizens. Their helpless citizens. Their needy citizens. Their elderly, their sick, their disabled, their "unproductive" citizens, their dying citizens, their preborn citizens.

Righteousness lifts a nation up, improves it, makes it a better place to live on this earth as people prepare for their eternal dwelling place. Pray for righteousness in the individuals you have mentioned here. Pray for righteousness in your own life, too.

This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. (Romans 3:22)