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Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Meme


I'm a routine kind of person, Lord. My personality is such that I am comfortable when things are routine and predictable. I like for my mornings to go through the same routine: wake up, say "good morning" to You, eat a light breakfast, 15-30 minutes alone with You, 30 minutes of walk/jog/jumping with praise music, shower & dress, email, then on with the day.

I like having things under control. I hate disorder. I remember that You are an orderly God and that gives me a little sense of smuggness with my orderly habits.

But, You are also a God with a sense of humor. And You remind me of that all too often with the twists and turns You inject into my happy little routines. Our daughter, T., seems to be one of Your favorite chosen vessels for this purpose. I'm grateful, Lord, that she and her little family live nearby-- mere minutes from our front door. And I'm tremendously grateful that she is comfortable calling on me to help her out when she's in a pinch. Papa and I love her and her husband and boys hugely and enjoy every opporutnity to spend time with them.

I want to stop and deliberately thank You, Father, for allowing me to have some input into their growing years. Make that imput into those impressionable little hearts valuable, Lord. Remind me constantly that everything I do with them, around them, and to them is leaving a permanent impression on their souls.

The words I speak to them; the tone and volumn of my voice; the expression on my face when I'm near them all show them that I cherish them or that I find them a nuisance--an interruption into my adult day.

The way I touch them when I'm proud of them, when I'm irritated with them, when I'm disappointed with them, when I'm having fun with them--all those touches leave permanent marks on their delicate little souls.

Oh, God--Father, make my touch on their lives good. Make the marks I leave on their souls beautiful. When they are grown men and I am in Glory with You may they look back and remember two things about their Meme. I want them to remember that Meme loved YOU, Lord Jesus, more than life itself, and that Meme loved them more than anyone could possilby measure.


It's love, Little Meme. Every touch, every word, every correction, every play time, every meal, every car trip, every Little League game, every piano recital, every sick day from school, every bad grade, every award...the way you deal with every event must be about love. Love. LOVE. Selfless love.

That's what they'll remember with joy. That's what will bring a smile to their faces as they watch their own children play someday. They'll remember the love if you live it.