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Monday, November 9, 2009

God Already Knows All About It


Lord, I thank you for that small victory for Life n the House of Representatives Saturday. But we've so far to go. So many babies to save. Lord, give us wisdom to know how to go about it. Give us courage so that when we figure that out, we'll get up and do it.

Change the hearts, Lord, of the leaders of our country. Change them to love and protect the pre-born. When the leaders turn, millions will follow them, Lord. But You already know that, don't You?


Yes, Little One. I know it. I know all there is to know about every subject. I know each soul whose life was destroyed in the womb. I know all about you, too. I know the plans I have for you, Little One. My plans are to prosper you, and to do good for you. My plans are for you to succeed.

So, trust Me. Come to Me for direction, for answers on life's road. Come to Me and I'll give you all the info you'll need to live your life to please and honor me. Oh! And remember it will not only honor Me, it will benefit you. I'll set your feet on a straight path. I'll guide your choices so they bring you success and satisfaction, too.