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Friday, October 30, 2009

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting


I'm working on a writing project, Lord. Actually, several projects. But my goal is to get this proposal in the mail to several publishers this week. I don't think I'm going to make it. But I'm trying. I've been busy with other types of projects and haven't written a new manuscript in months. A few weeks ago I just pushed everything else aside, prayed for Your inspiration, and put my hands to the keys.

You heard me and You sent me a cute, bouncy little manuscript for a children's board book. I want to say, "Thank You." I've been polishing it. Getting input from other writers. Praying over every syllable (cause rhythm is very important to books for young children) and sound. I think it's almost ready.

At the same time I started working on a proposal for it. That's what I must mail off to various publishers-a well crafted proposal that lets them see exactly what this book is about and what kind of audience it can potentially reach.

Give me wisdom, Lord. Guide my thoughts. Give me the clear, intelligent, creative mind of Christ as I attempt to create this little story. Give me wisdom as I research and find just the right publishers who might consider such a book. It would thrill my heart to see it in print on shiny cardboard sheets tough enough for a two-year old to drag around the house.

Truth is, Lord, it would thrill me to see any of my children's manuscripts in print. But I'm at peace with the reality that such a thing is totally in Your capable hands. I work hard to craft the best manuscripts I can. I make every effort to polish them and present them as porfessionally as I can. I research publishing houses and try to find the perfect few who might fit this particular book.

But, the truth is, they are Your manuscripts and You are in charge of their destinies.

Do with them what You will, Lord. What You have planned. What will bring You honor and glory.


You're so transparent, Little One. And that's a good thing. I'm reading not only your manuscripts, but your heart as well. Publication will come. Someday. When you, not just your manuscripts, are ready for it. It will come.

Hold onto that dream of publication. Keep doing all you can to produce the best manuscripts you can. Keep searching for the just-right publishers. I'll take care of the rest. Cross My Heart.