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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Temporary Separation


We're waiting for a phone call telling us its time to come back to Florida, Lord. Our family will gather soon to bid a temporary farewell to E.J. Temporary, I say, because I know her eternal destination is Heaven with You. And I know that's where I'll spend eternity, too. So, this painful separation will be only temporary.

Oh, how gloriously happy I will be when I'm reunited with people I love so dearly. I'm getting teary-eyed and excited and antsy just thinking about all those hugs and kisses we'll be exchanging. Give them all a hug for me, Lord, right this eternal moment, please.

Thank You, Father, for the comfort of Your Word. The comfort of Your truth. The comfort of Your unbreakable, undeniable promises to those of us who have Jesus in our hearts, and lives as our Savior.

I imagine E.J. can hardly wait to start running through the halls of Heaven with both hands raised high. She'll be laughing and singing and shouting, "Thank You, Jesus! Where's Jesus, ya'll? I want to see Him! Somebody take me to Jesus!"


Done, Little One. Hugs liberally distributed. Think about it; in just one eternal blink you'll be joining us here. We're all getting kind of antsy, too.