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Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Is Precious


Lord, I made a new acquaintance this week. You remember I was sick and called my doctor's office for an appointment for Friday morning. BTW, Lord. Thank you for my doctor. He's taken excellent care of our family for 16 years now.

Anyway, he was out of the office so I agreed to see a partner whom I had never seen before. Nothing remarkable about him in itself. He was thorough and professional. What was remarkable was that he wore a small white-gold cross on a chain around his neck. The cross was clearly visible in front of his professional-looking tie. And then there was the rubber wristband on his right wrist (his writing wrist). It said "Life is Precious."

I was kind of surprised that the big national firm that owns my doctor's practice would allow him to so blatantly display his faith and his pro-life stance. I asked him if he were pro-life. He answered that he was. I shook his hand and said simply, "Me, too."

But our meeting reminded me, Lord, that You have many children around the world living out their faith, living out their convictions (like holding life sacred) as they go about their lives. Not standing on rooftops shouting. Not marching in busy streets carrying signs. Just quietly living out what they believe.

It reminded me that we are IN this world--all of us, but not OF this world. We live here. We work here and play here. We marry here and give birth here and divorce here and die here. We are part of this world because of that. But we are different from this world because of our belief system. We Christians must not base our philosophy of life on the standards and expectations of this present world, but on Your eternal Word.

Lord, I'm praying for an end to the ruthless practice of abortion. I'm praying You'll grip the hearts of those in power, those who have authority in making decisions that set the course of our lives in our culture. I'm praying You'll change the course of their hearts. I'm praying You'll be honored and glorified as they change their minds and decide to protect the preborn, the smallest, most vulnerable members of our society.


I've always been a champion for the small, the vulnerable, the weak, the victims. Sometimes you can see Me working blatantly, in-your-face, like your new doctor. Sometimes My work is going on behind the scenes, Little One. But I'm working.

I'm moving the days and weeks, the months and years, toward that Great Day when I WILL be in total charge of your world. That Great Day when the scales will be balanced, the debts will be paid, the innocent will be avenged, and Jesus will be acknowledged as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.