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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Halloween Grab Bag


A friend and I were reminiscing the other day about Halloween when we were kids. Some of our favorite memories are of the elementary school carnivals. We'd get all dressed up in our Goodwill evening gowns and mama's real high-heel shoes. We even got to wear real make-up instead of silly masks. Then off we'd go for an entire evening of running free from cheesy game to cheesy game. (Mama's shoes inevitably wound up in the goody bag early on!) We always went home with a sack filled with extravagant "prizes" and candy galore.

One of my favorites was the Grab-Bag game. Some poor, overworked elementary school teacher always painted a huge cardboard with clowns or something silly and cut holes in it just large enough for us kids to reach inside. No chance for sneak-peeking!

It was so exciting to rip open the little brown sack and see what treasure I had secured! I loved the suspense, I think, Lord. No matter how many times I grabbed I was always pleased with whatever was inside the bag.

I was thinking that sometimes my prayer life is like that game. I stand before some wall that is blocking my view or my progress. I poke my prayers through the little holes and trust You to work things out, to give me only good things.

In seven years of carnivals I never pulled a nasty rotten banana peel out of that Grab-Bag game, Lord. Not once! Those kind teachers would not do that to their students.

And I've never pulled anything so nasty or horrible that I could not survive it out of my petitions to You, Lord. You give good gifts. Though sometimes they have masqueraded as some difficult things, some sad things, some stressful things, those were facades. Whatever has come into my life has always come out of YOUR grab bag, and it has been good for me in the long run.

I guess it took a little faith on my part to reach my hand into those carnival holes again and again, Lord.

I know it takes just a tiny grain of faith to access Your massive power in my life. To reach up toward heaven with my prayers.

Lord, make my faith grow strong, healthy, lush and confident that You always give good gifts.


Yes, they were cheesy games and cheesy prizes, too. Always inexpensive trinkets, remember?

Not my gifts. Every good thing in your life is a gift from Me. No matter how it's disguised, Little One, no matter what kind of mask it hides behind, accept it as I give it--

with love, and always for your good.