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Monday, October 26, 2009

Every Precious Little Human Being


Lord, today I'm praying especially for my precious children. They are precious to me because they are precious to You, Lord. You value them. You cherish them. And so do I.

I pray You'll reach into T.'s life today, into her family, into her career, into her friendships and do miraculous things.

Not miraculous things for her, God. Not miraculous things around her. But miraculous things in her. I pray You'll draw her deeper into an intimate, moment-by-moment relationship with You, Lord. As that happens I know she will affect miraculous things in her family, in her career, and in her friendships.

I pray for D., too. You know all the stuff that is happening in his life right now. You not only know it, You not only allow it, You orchestrate it. I pray You will reach deep into the hurts in D.'s life and heal them totally. Heal them without scar tissue, Lord. Heal them so that his life, too, will impact everyone he contacts and point them to You, Jesus.

These children that You gave to me and J. are priceless gifts to us. We love them. We treasure them. Each year of their lives these gifts become more beautiful, more precious to us. I don't know how it is possible, but we love them more each year.

Lord, I pray that every baby conceived will receive that same kind of love. I pray that every person growing inside his or her mother's body will be the object of love and respect and care.

This world we walk is Satan's territory right now, Lord. I know that. But, Father, I still beg You to somehow protect the babies. Let each tiny life be precious not only to You, but to the man and woman who conceived that little one.

Let those of us charged with protecting them, nurturing them, loving them, teaching them assume that responsibility with joy. Make us parents who love our children more than ourselves, Lord.


You just hit the nail on the head, Little One. Ending the practice of legal abortion in your country isn't going to start at the White House.

Ending the practice of legal abortion must start in your individual hearts. It must start with your individual decisions to revere, to cherish, and to protect every little human being.

It must start by your choosing to love others more than you love yourselves.
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