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Monday, October 5, 2009

Doing the Right Thing


I know, it's Monday, Lord. And I promised to devote each Monday to praying for President Obama and his staff to have a change of heart and mind about abortion. You know, Father, that I pray that every day, not just Mondays. That doesn't seem to be happening. You don't seem to be answering that prayer the way we'd like.

But I know, Father, that You often work behind the scenes so that the way things appear to be is not always accurate. Lord, I beg You again to save the children. To put an end to legalized abortion. To change one heart in order to save many.

But I have another prayer today, too, Lord. Last Friday I asked You about that homeless man. I asked You what I--me, personally--am supposed to do when I look into the face of abject poverty.

My sister sent me a story about another Christian and another homeless person. So, I want to put that story right here to share with our readers, please. I want to share it because it is helping me to decide case-by-case what I should do about my attitude toward people with whom I have difficulty relating. Here it is:

I run into these people daily in my neighborhood and I have tussled with the same questions. I have decided if I give them a dollar I have done the right thing for my heart, how they spend it is up to them and their heart, they live and die with that.

There are too many to give a dollar to all of them but I think God tugs at our heart and tells us what to do with each encounter, that's what we follow.

When I was in Starke and going to Sampson City Baptist Church we had a traveling preacher one Sunday who told the most heart warming story. I will try to cut his 45 min story in to two or three (you know I'm not good at that) but,

...he told the story of a Christian man who encountered all kinds of people in all walks of life. Once he was driving and while turning a corner he almost ran into a homeless old drunk. He stopped the car and jumped out to see about the man. There was a lot of "how are you's" "are you OK" "do you need a doctor" and the old man insisted he just needed a dollar. The kind Christian reached into his pocket and pulled out a card he kept stacks of and handed the drunk the card. It simply read in big letter "Jesus loves you" and it had his church's office number on it.

It was a year later when the old, drunken, tattered man reached the point of complete desperation and used the card. He dialed the number.

That one little card and those three little words changed his life completely, the preacher telling this story had been that old drunken man.

That is a true story, and his answer was the card to these people.


Uh-huh. I remember that. I whispered to that young man's heart that day and, I'm thrilled to say, he was obedient. He paid attention to My voice on that day with that old drunk.

His obedience opened the door for My life-changing power to save the "old guy" and to remarkably change his life.

Guess what? Your obedience can do the same thing.

Why don't you give it a try. You'll be amazed what it will do.