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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



I missed my post yesterday, Lord. I'm sorry. But You know I wasn't goofing off. J. and I spent a couple of days knocked flat by some microscopic viral something-or-other. Amazing how something so small can have such a huge impact on us. It wiped us out. Made us totally ineffective.

Something so small, yet so powerful.

If only I could remember exactly how it made me feel the next time something "so small" wants to worm its way into my heart and soul. Some tiny sin that starts out microscopic but soon takes over my entire being.

Lord, help me to remember the power of the microscopic.


It consumed all your strength, didn't it?

It became the focus of your life for a few days, didn't it?

It made you miserable. You ached all over. You couldn't enjoy anything, right?

Child, this microbe attacked your body. It sneaked up on you when your defenses were down.

Don't let that happen to your spirit.