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Friday, September 18, 2009

Use It or Lose It


A couple of months ago J. spent several weeks away at one of the VA Blind Rehabilitation Centers. Lord, I am immeasurably grateful for those centers. They equip J. with amazing technological assistive devices that help him function independently and productively. Those two things are extremely important to him. These devices keep J. "in the game" so that he doesn't feel that he's less of a person because he's blind. He really is a vital member of our household, our neighborhood, our church, our community.

But the Rehab Centers do so much more, Lord. They give J. his dignity as a human being. The time he spends there restores his self-confidence and motivates him to stay active, involved, living instead of existing. It reminds him that he doesn't have to watch from the sidelines as everyone else plays the game of life.

The new devices he received and was trained to use have transformed his attitude toward life. His Victor Reader has really turned him on to reading again. He's listened to 7 or 8 books in the past 3 weeks. Plus his Sunday School lessons. Plus his Bible readings.

That means his mind is much more active than before his stay at Blind Rehab. He's conversant and enthusiastic and excited about learning again.

"Use it or lose it," I've heard hundreds of times. Well, Lord, J. isn't losing anything right now. He's growing and changing. And isn't that one of the things that separates living things from non-living things? Growing and changing?

Thank You, Lord.


"Use it or lose it." That's true of so many things, Little One. If you put your intellect on a shelf to collect dust, you're right, you'll lose the edge you need to function.

If you hide your talents or gifts away and fail to bring them out into the light, before long they'll shrivel up and die.

The same is true of your physical strength and health. Hone it. Protect it. Use those muscles every day or they, too, will atrophy with disuse.

And the same thing applies to your spiritual life. If you fail to immerse yourself in My Word you'll lose the little bit that's in your brain. If you don't practice a daily time of prayer talking to Me and listening to Me, before long you'll forget not only how to pray, but you'll forget TO pray.

If you don't stay in touch with friends, pretty soon you won't have any to reach out to.

If you don't share the story of Jesus with others before long you'll not only forget the story, you'll lose the joy and peace and contentment that it used to give you.

"Use it, or lose it."

"Exercise it, or finalize it."

"Work at it and with it, or you'll have to learn to live without it."

And some things are just so wonderful you don't want to live without them, Little One.