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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You for Your Words


I picked up a little book at a library sale the other day, Lord. Meredith's Book of Bible Lists: A One-of-a-Kind Collection of Bible Facts Presented in List Form. It's filled with a few hundred "lists" of things, animals, people, events, words, occupations, proverbs, plants, numbers, all types of objects... all found in the Bible.

Tons of Bible trivia, for lack of a better word. Some lists are interesting, some are entertaining, some are serious. I found one very helpful, "Twenty-Five Facts About God's Word." You have chosen to reveal Yourself to us through Your Word.

It amazes me that You not only limited Yourself in size and form to reveal Yourself as a human being-Jesus Christ, but that You also reveal Yourself to us repeatedly using our poor little vocabulary, our limited understanding and ability to communicate. You paint pictures of Yourself in words we can comprehend.

It's kind of like a child's coloring book. Through Your written Word You give us rough sketches, mere outlines of who and what You are. We try to fill in the colors using our tiny imaginations. But the full spectrum of who and what You are will be brought to blazing full-color only in Heaven.

You describe Yourself as having a mouth, a heart, eyes, ears, hands, feet, and hind-parts. In other words, a body. Yet You tell us that You are a spirit and not a physical body as we understand the term.

You describe Yourself as having emotions--love, hate, jealousy, joy, pleasure. Yet You tell us You are unchanging.

Our brains are just too tiny to get the full picture of who You are. But, thank You, Lord, for dummying down Your descriptions so we can understand a little part of Your greatness.

Hmmm...The Bible, Your Holy Word, maybe we should call it God for Dummies, or something like that.


One day, Little One, you will know longer see time and eternity through a dark glass. One day, you will see and know just like I see and know. Won't that be grand? Won't that be just incredibly, indescribably grand?