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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let Go and Let God


Lord, thank You for all Your goodness to me. Thank You for the gorgeous, cool weather we're having. It's so much easier to breathe when the heat subsides.

Search my heart, Lord. Search out my motives and my attitudes. Show me my sins, Father. We both know I continue to struggle with pride and with the need to control things around me. I'm trying, Lord, I'm really trying to let go of my need to keep things in order and my need to control the events of my life. I'm trying, Lord, to...


Stop trying, Little One. I said, stop TRYING. Just stop it. No matter how great your effort you cannot get rid of your sinful tendencies, your sinful heart. So, just stop frustrating yourself by trying so hard.

Let Me. Let Me remove that need to be in control of your life. Let Me wipe that pride right out of your heart. Let Me eradicate your sinful motives and attitudes.

You remember what that little word 'let' means, don't you? It means to step out of the way and allow something to happen. To step aside and allow the river to flow, allow the air to pass through, allow the changes to come. It means to get out of the way and let Me do My work in you.

Let go and let Me.