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Friday, September 4, 2009

Healing or Heaven?


Lord, someone dear to us is very sick. Terribly sick. She received a diagnosis this week of stage 4 cancer. There are no treatment options. Her doctors will simply try to keep her comfortable until You call her home to Heaven.

This week I also received an email about a little boy 8 years old. Stage 4 osteocarcinoma. Again, that dreaded word, "cancer."

When these things happen we crawl before Your throne and beg You to heal the person we love. We beg You to postpone her entrance to Heaven, to eternal health, to eternal peace and joy and purpose. We beg You for mercy.

Mercy? Is continuing in this life filled with pain & sorrow really an act of mercy? Or is being welcomed into the eternal bliss of Heaven actually a better option?

I know, Lord. You designed & built us for relationships. And when those relationships are severed we hurt. We long for that relationship to go on forever. So we ask You to intercede & heal our loved one & let us hang on to him or her a little longer.

Oh, Father. I pray You will be merciful to these people I've mentioned. I do. I pray You will ease their pain. I pray that You will use this time to draw these two people close into Your side. And their families, too. I pray they'll acquire an intimate knowledge of You and Your power. I pray You'll help their doctors & medical people to give them the best, most effective treatments & care possible.

But, mostly, Lord, I pray You'll do with their lives & their deaths whatever brings You glory. That's why You made us, for Your glory.


Oh, how often My children try to pray people out of heaven!

Pray, Little One. Pray for the sick among you. I've told you to do that. I'm listening.

You're on the right track here, Little One. Pray that their illnesses, their healing, their suffering, their lives and their deaths will bring them peace & joy & spiritual healing, and bring Me glory at the same time.

Just pray for Me to do My will. You can't go wrong praying like that.