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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hang On Tight


Oh, Lord, this is the morning for our weekly Bible study at church. I have the huge honor of introducing each week's material about different women mentioned in the Bible. Last Wednesday seemed to go well. Thank You.

Thank You for infusing my mind with Your thoughts and helping me to express them adequately.

Thank You for giving me a definite sense of direction for each lesson.

Thank You for giving me focal point in each woman's story, Lord.

I kneel before You asking You to fill my mouth with good things. When I speak, may it be Your words that come out. May they express Your thoughts for the women sitting in front of me.

I've studied and planned. I've prayed and prepared. Now, please teach me personally the lessons You want me to share with the women in the group. Whatever each week's focus is, Lord, pour that into my heart and life before I stand to share it with the others. Like Beth Moore said a couple of weeks ago, "Before you pass on a truth you must receive it and meditate on it yourself."

I want to step out of the way, Lord, and let You do the talking. A conduit. An empty, unclogged conduit through which You can flow and refresh theseWomen of Your Word.


Okay. You asked for it, Little One. You want to learn before you try to teach, hey? Good; I'll gladly arrange that for you.

Pay close attention now. Listen hard and fast. I'll be working double time on your heart and mind. Hang on tight.

This promises to be quite a ride.