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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Marriage Tucked Away


Scattered around our dining room are photos of some of the people most dear to us, Lord. The smiling faces of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren watch from every wall and table top in the room. Happy moments are frozen in time for us to enjoy over and over again.

Today I removed a few of those photos. I tucked the glossy papers safely away in a wooden chest as I tucked the memories away in the folds of my heart. A beautiful young woman draped in white satin smiles into the eyes of our handsome son wearing white tails.

I tuck those photos away and wonder how I'm supposed to feel now. That young bride is now a middle-aged woman who is prepared to walk out of our lives. But she can't walk out of my heart.

I'm not angry. Not at her, anyway. I'm angry at Satan who has, once again, scored a victory for his side. He has destroyed yet another family. That evil being knows all too well that the best way to hurt You, God is to hurt Your children. And the best way to hurt Your children is to attack our homes, our families.

How am I supposed to feel, God? I'm hurt, I suppose. I'm hurt because of someone else's choices. I'm hurt because our son is hurting. And I'm saddened to kn ow our grandchildren are being hurt.

You gave me a love for this woman, Lord. You planted her in my heart and her roots go deep now. Am I supposed to stop loving her when that gold ring comes off her finger? I don't think so. I know a lot of pain has passed between our son and our daughter-in-law. That pain makes me angry and hurt and sad all at the same time.

What am I supposed to feel now?

I want to feel hope. Hope for their futures. Hope for our grandchildren. Hope for healing.

I beg You, Father, to let the healing begin. To anoint the hurting hearts with Your oil of kindness and healing. To pour hope into their lives from Your abundant fountain.

I know the marriage is dead. Ended. Gone. But the people, Lord. Heal the people. Make each of them whole again. Draw them, woo them, drag them, if necessary, straight to Yourself. I know it is only in You that they will find wholeness again.


I am the Great Redeemer, Little One. The Restorer of life, and hope, and health. I am both able and willing to buy back from slavery and destitution all who come to Me.

I am the God of Second Chances, Little One. The One who can take any and all ugly circumstances, mix them together, turn them over, and pour them out to become beautiful.

I am the Potter, Little One. If the green ware of your lives is stubborn, stiff, unyielding to My hands I can smash it, knead it, soften it, throw onto the wheel again and shape it into something new. Something useful. Something lovely.

I am the God of Hope, Little One. With Me, nothing, or no one, is impossible.