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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday - One Heart


I haven't been to a "town meeting" yet, Lord. There have been a couple in my area but I haven't attended. I'm very concerned about this administration's proposed health care plan. I'm concerned that it will completely reverse the laws that protect unborn babies and people who are old or disabled. I'm afraid it's a giant step toward socialism. And I'm afraid it's a giant step away from laws that are based on Judeo-Christian principles.

Lord, I beg You to intercede on behalf of the helpless members of our society. Here in America and across the globe, Lord. I ask You to protect the unborn, the feeble, the aged, the "imperfect" people in nations around the world.

Lord, show me what I can do about it. What steps can I take to help stop such radical changes from happening in our legal system?

Like the widow in Jesus' story in Luke 18, I keep coming to you Monday after Monday making the same request again and again: change the heart of President Obama about the sanctity of human life. When You do that, many hearts will change. When You do that many laws will change or will be salvaged and rescued from changes we don't want. Lord, he is an influential and powerful man. Change his heart to hear You and obey You in protecting the innocent and helpless victims in our society.

In the beautiful name of the Babe of Bethlehem-Jesus-I pray.


I turned Pharoah's heart. I turned Nebuchadnezzar's heart. I turned Darius' heart. I turned Xerxes' heart. Every leader's heart is in My hands and I will turn it to accomplish My purposes.


Not simply to save human life, Little One, as valuable as life is. But to save human life that it might bring glory to Me. That each individual life spared might glorify Me. And that the series of events that cause these lives to be spared might glorify Me.

I don't need to rescue these babies from eternity, Little One. Those who have been killed are with Me enjoying eternal peace and joy. But I do need to rescue the living who so callously mistreat those helpless babies--rescue them from themselves. They don't realize that when they devalue these tiny human lives they devalue their own. If one human is disposable, then all must be.

But no one is disposable to Me, Little One. Each of you was given life by an act of My will. Each of you has a special purpose in My plan. Each of you is precious to Me.

I want the entire world to see Me work in President Obama's life, and in your life, Little One, and give Me the glory that is due Me.
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