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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday: Changing One Heart


It's Monday. Father, God, I and many others are praying for our leader, for President Obama. Where do we begin to pray? With his heart, Lord. Like I pray for so many other people in my life, on my list, I pray You'll invade his heart.

I pray You'll work Your amazing grace inside him so that he surrenders all he is to You.

All he is. All he believes. All he tries to accomplish. All his influence. All his ambitions. Jesus, become number one in the heart and life of President Obama.

Jesus, save the millions of babies yet to be born in our country, yet to take their first mortal breaths.

And, while You're at it, Lord, change my heart, too. Make me gentle as a lamb and fierce as a she-bear with cubs. Change me so that I pray with brokenness and with fire in my bones for the sakes of the generations to come.


You, see, Little One, My plan is so big I can't possibly show it to you or even explain it all to you. My plan for President Obama. My plan for those tiny humans who have not yet seen a rising sun. My plan for each of you.

So, you have to just trust it to Me because you trust Me.

I have a plan, Little One. A great, big, eternal plan.