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Monday, August 17, 2009

Having Faith in Faith


I listened to a book Saturday as I traveled. It was a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours alone in a car. But I was disappointed in the book. It was a nonfiction book that several people recommended to me some time ago. But, well, it didn't have the message I thought it would at all. It was about change. To be exact, the message was that, in order to survive and thrive, we must be watching for change in our lives and around us, then, not only accept it, but embrace it joyfully and move on to the next new thing in our life. That concept was sort sandwiched into an "if you can believe it, you can achieve it" message.

I don't subscribe to either of those philosophies, Lord. Believing "IT" isn't the secret ingredient in success from what I've seen in life. Even believing that I CAN change, that I CAN move on to something better isn't a big ingredient in success. (However we measure success.) The measure of how effective my belief is varies greatly with, and is dependent upon, the object of my belief.

What I mean is that just believing isn't powerful. Just believing (in myself or anything else) does NOT make it happen. It is the thing or person I invest my belief in that possesses the power to make things happen. That cerainly isn't me!

No, that person is You, and You alone, Lord.

The power of faith is not in the faith itself. Nor is it in the amount of faith I have. The power of faith is in the object of my faith--You, Jesus. We do You, Your Word, and ourselves a huge disservice when we put our faith in faith.

The Gospels record many miracles Christ Jesus performed on earth. He applauded several of the recipients of those miracles for their faith. But it wasn't just faith He complimented. It was their faith in HIM.

Lord, I don't have much faith in myself. Mercy no! I KNOW how feeble and fallible I am. I don't have faith in my faith. Even that is a gift from You to me.

Remind me, Jesus. Help me to place 100% of my faith in You alone.


Thee are all kinds of well-intentioned "feel good" philosophies floating around. Just compare each one to what I say in My Word, Little One. Any doctrine, any belief, any philosophy that doesn't mesh with My Word is wrong, mistaken, errant. Or, worse yet, deceptive.

Satan is the father of all lies and he wants nothing more than to trip you up by having you put your faith in yourself, your strength, your wits, or even your faith.

There's only one sure place for your faith to be safely invested--in Me. Everything else is second best at best.