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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

God, You Are...


Lord, I'm thinking of so many things I need to pray about. I have pages and pages of 12 point type for my prayer list. I don't mean to be greedy, but You tell us to pray about everything, and, well, that's what I do.

It's wonderful to know that You aren't limited by time--You have all of eternity to listen to me.

You're not limited by space--You are here and there and everywhere in between at every moment, so You can respond to every item on my "list."

You're not limited by energy or attention either--You give me Your total, undivided attention every moment while simultaneously giving it to every other person who is calling on You.

Amazing! I keep using that word again and again when I speak to You, Lord. But, it's the best word I have to describe You at the moment.

I could try wonderful, but I've used it a lot, too.

How about astonishing or astounding? They describe You, too.

Marvelous! That word comes about as close as my microbe-sized brain can come to describing You.

But there is staggering...yes. That's a good word, too. I don't imagine any of us will be able to stand in Your presence, Lord. We'll stagger at Your unbridled brilliance and beauty. We'll stagger and fall to our faces in Your presence.

Awesome. Wondrous. Striking. Maybe that word inches closer to describing Your loveliness, Lord.

Hmmm...prodigious, stupendous, incredible. They mean ENORMOUS. You are enormous in so many ways, Lord. Big enough to ride the winds , to fill the oceans with Your tears, and use the earth as a footstool. Yet infinitesimally small--small enough to live inside my heart, inside a seed planted in Mary's womb.

Electrifying. Stupefying. Confounding. Dazzling.

Am I even coming close, God?


You're making a brave effort, Little One. But face it; your language has no word to describe Me. And your mind has no capacity to understand Me in order to describe Me if you had a word that could do it.

But keep trying, Little One. Like I've said before (in Philippians 3:10), keep trying to know Me; to progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Me; to somehow perceive and recognize and understand the wonders of who I AM. So that you can, in some small way, come to know the power that flows from My resurrection and to somehow share in My sufferings so that you can be transformed in your spirit into My likeness.