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Thursday, August 13, 2009

God Is Listening


The day is on the brink of evening right now. The sky is a faint blue, lingering somewhere between azure and indigo. It's a quiet time at our house tonight. J. is out of town. My Mama is visiting me, but she's upstairs snuggled under the covers of her bed, and I'm at the far end of the house enjoying the quiet.

It's been a productive day for me, Lord. I marked several things off my To-Do list and that always makes me feel good. Blessed are You, O God, King of the Universe for giving us order and organization, systems and paradigms. I'll be starting a short trip Friday morning, so I'm spending extra time with You, tonight, Lord. Thank You, for being near and tuned to my voice 24/7.

This morning I was reading Psalm 40. A few things jumped out at me. Things about You and things about me.

The first few verses of Psalm 40 are very familiar ones. "I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me," starts it off. I love that image, Lord. Me on my knees babbling on like little children do, and You stooping over, bending Your head close to my tiny voice, leaning Your Daddy-ear near to my baby-mouth.

When the world is a noisy place, when it seems that no one else has the time nor the inclination to listen to me, I know that You do. You are leaning in to hear my faint cries, my whispered needs.

Thank You. I bless You, O God, great King of the Universe. "Many are Your wonderful works Which You have done;"


Oh, I'm listening all right, Little One. When you need help, I'm listening. When you're searching, I'm listening. When you're singing praises, I'm listening and enjoying every note. When your voice is silent, but your heart is weeping in the darkness, I'm listening.

Bending over, leaning in, listening to ever word, every sound.