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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weeds That Have Got To Go


I've been working in my garden late in the afternoons, just before dark. It's been much too hot to work outside any earlier than that. I love watching my veggies mature and produce. And we really enjoy that produce on our table, Lord. Thanks for the opportunity to have fresh veggies every day during this season.

But I also have a couple of large flower beds. They are filled with perennials like day lilies, Asian lilies, irises, dianthus. And vines. I seem to be pretty good at growing vines. My Carolina Jasmine, clematis, and my hummingbird vines are taking over the place.

I have two aggravations in my flower beds, Lord. You know, weeds. Buttercups. They are so cute. And a meadow carpeted with them is gorgeous. But not in my flower beds. You know why, Lord. They look colorful and precious but they are uncontrollable. One little yellow bloom signals an all out war is on the horizon! Buttercups sweep through the entire flower bed and use up all the moisture and nutrients that my cultivated flowers need. They run rampant in a matter of days.

Those tiny wild strawberries do, too. They are lovely with those scarlet berries against deep green leaves. But, once again, those little things are uncontrollable. They take over a flower bed in no time. And it is absolutely impossible to get rid of them once they take hold.

Though they are pretty they are still weeds. Weeds that have got to go!

When I'm on my knees pulling them out of the soil one-by-one I can't help but think of the little sins that creep into my life and behave the same way. They start out so small and innocent. But once they take root they take over my life. They drain all the moisture and nutrients out of my spirit and leave a tangled mess of roots that can choke the life right out of my spirit.

You know the ones, Lord. Little lies. Little moments of greed. Little insults or snide remarks. Little thoughts of envy or jealousy. Little bouts with laziness. Little acts of selfishness. Little acts of rebellion.

Weeds. Weeds that have got to go!


I know, Little One. It's a shame you can't spray the whole thing with something that will kill only the weeds and not harm your flowers. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. The only way to get rid of those pesky little weeds is the hard way - to get on your knees and yank them out of the soil one at a time.

That works for the weeds in your life, too. Get down on your knees and do the hard work of yanking them out of your life one at a time. But there's one little difference. With your life, I'll be there, too. Pointing out those weeds and giving you the courage and wisdom to get rid of them.

On your knees. One at a time. Together.