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Friday, July 10, 2009

Power Under Self-Control


Do You know how a horse feels, Lord? I mean, do You know the sensation of running your hand over the slick, smooth coat of a horse? Do you know what it's like to feel the muscular tension under Your hand? To reach up and wrap Your arm around a mount's firm, solid neck? To feel those muscles rippling under Your hand with each little twitch of that horse's head?

Do You know what it's like to slap the hindquarters of a horse and feel the steel-like muscles and try to imagine the immense power that is harnessed in them? Power that's ready to explode at the drop of a hat?

Sometimes when I'm watching You work, Lord, I get that same sensation. I see You move mountains for us. I watch You maneuver details and events into perfect alignment for us. I see You ignore the laws of nature or manipulate the hands of time for our benefit.

And I think about the immense power that is harnessed in Your dealings with us humans. I think how You must exercise immeasurable control in everything You do to and for us. Like a whirlwind on a lasso You hold Yourself back, You refrain from doing what just comes naturally to You when You deal with us and relate to us.

Like a bridled stallion. Only it's not some puny rider holding the reigns. It's You, Yourself, holding back, controlling Your power so that You don't just blow us all away like dust with Your breath. Isn't that the definition of meekness, Lord? Power under self-control.

Yet another amazing thing about You, Lord.


When you love someone you study him, Little One. You learn all his quirks and ways. You become familiar with his likes and dislikes. You learn to read every little gesture and expression. You learn to anticipate his thoughts and movements. Like a well-trained horse and his rider.

I see you're trying very hard to do that with Me, Little One. Trying to know Me. To understand Me. To anticipate My moves. There's an awful lot to understand and it'll take you all of eternity to do it. So keep trying.

It's just one more way to show Me that you love Me.